I highly recommend Great Hill Corporation's Calendars for the Web for any web based applications requiring calendar functions.

Larry Arnold
Flow Cytometry Facility, University of North Carolina

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About Us
Our History

Great Hill Corporation began self-publishing web based software in 1995. Before then we were known as Hudson River Works.

We've released many software titles and completed numerous consulting assignments. We've had more than 15 titles distributed under various brand names in large retail stores such as CompUSA, MicroCenter and Staples . We have sold many millions of units of these titles over the years.

Below we list our current and popular early software titles*:

Current Software Products - Great Hill Corporation

Calendars for the Web - Server Version

Calendars for the Web - Hosted Version

VRaniML™ - VRML 2.0 C++ Class Library

Expert Software

Expert Astrologer™

Expert Calendar Shop

Expert Greeting Card Maker

Expert Holiday Card Maker

Expert Stationery Shop

McDonaldland Greeting Card Maker

Cosmi Corporation

Amazing Calendar Maker

Lexmark Corporation

Lexmark Workshop CD

Monotype Typography Corp.

Monotype CertificateMaker

Monotype GreetingCardMaker

Monotype TShirtDesignMaker

* Each of these products is copyrighted (c) by Hudson River Works, Great Hill Corporation or their respective publishers.

Users include:

Omnicomm Systems

Two Buckaroos, Ltd.

OSU Ward

Webster County Board of Education

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